This article is inspired by the physics lab that I did 8 years ago

One of the university subjects that require regression that I remember the most is the Physics laboratory. I remember that I was asked to make data acquisition and then did the scatter plot where the x-axis is the input variable I changed and the y-axis is the output. After that, I was asked by the lab assistant to find the b and m coefficients of the linear equation y = theta_0*x + theta_x by entering the results of the data collection into a formula that I didn’t know where it came from.

Linear Regression Example

To make it easy to grasp the regression…

Densely Populated Area in Jakarta

Building footprint is a good indicator to see people density across an area.

Background story

“Have you ever thought about that? If so, then which one is better?”

*Disclaimer: This post is written based on my experience and knowledge. So if you think something’s not written properly here feel free to contact me.

If you came from a control engineering background, surely that’s a tough question. As a control engineering student in the past, before designing a controller for a system I always do a system modeling by implementing the mathematical model that best represents the system. …

On this occasion, we will learn how to update a feature service by using ArcGIS API for Python. For you, who’s still new in ArcGIS, this is really a powerful API that will help you to manage your tasks with Python. Especially if we are used to programming.

Before we start, make sure that you have an account and access to publish a service on the following (you can choose one)*:
1. ArcGIS Enterprise
2. ArcGIS Online
*) For the next part, I will use Portal term for ArcGIS Enterprise and AGOL for ArcGIS Online

Next, we first need to…

Puncak, Indonesia

Extracting road features from imagery

Road accidents are things commonly happened in Puncak, a highland area near Bogor, Indonesia. Deaths and injury victims sometimes can’t be avoided, but the number could be reduced. Road accidents in Puncak have several causes: sleepy drivers, vehicle, road, and environmental factors. In response, the government takes some actions by building road features: street signs, traffic and street lights in the recorded area where road accidents come up, named the black spot area.

With its application in GIS

Every time I watch GoPro video on YouTube showing the telemetry data like speed, position, longitude, latitude, etc. (see the video below) it always raises the question “How to extract those data from GoPro to .csv file?”

GoPro Telemetry Data

Actually, there is a website that you can use to extract the telemetry data ( But, in this article, I’ll share with you the manual procedure on how to extract the telemetry data from the video, which is recorded by GoPro (GoPro Hero 7).

This article also relates to my last article about road crack detection

How to apply deep learning algorithms to detect road crack in Indonesia.

At the plenary session of the first Esri Indonesia User Conference, EIUC 2019, Geo AI director from Esri Inc demonstrated the use of deep learning capabilities in ArcGIS to perform automated road crack detection in American road. The faster the detection process is better because road crack could cause economic and safety impact if it is not fixed immediately. In this article, I will show how to automate the detection process with a use case in Indonesia.

List of contents:
1. Setting up the environment
2. Prepare the data
3. Label…

Lucas Suryana

Esri Indonesia GeoAI Team

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